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Conspiracy against Asaram Bapu and Ashrams Now Revealed!

October 29, 2009

New Delhi, Oct 24th, 2009 :- In a press conference A2Z News channel, released a CD of a Sting operation. The CD reveals shocking findings about the conspiracy on Asaram Bapu and his Ashrams. It reveals the direct involvement of Two Media groups (INDIA TV and Sandesh News) in this case. It also exposes the involvement of political parties in defaming H.H Bapuji and his Ashrams.


The Truth about the Conspiracy Videos can be watched at this link

And can also be watched in youtube :

A saint who sacrificed his whole life for providing peace, happiness and moral values for all classes of people in the society have been defamed badly by the Indian media. This shows how corrupted our Nation is. But ultimately, Truth always prevails!!

“Truth Can never be hidden”….. I hope that now innocent people (who is not aware about this real face of media ) should see and stop watching and listening to such a media channels and newspapers.


Sant Shri Asaram ji Bapu Divine Discourses

July 28, 2008

Elixir of Life

Excerpts from Sant Shri Asaram Bapu Divine Discourses

1. People, who become sad in unfavourable circumstances and happy in favourable ones, are comparable to iron. Those, who remain happy in adverse circumstances, are comparable to gold. Those, who remain in perfect equanimity in favourable or unfavourable circumstances, are like precious gems. But the rare ones, who are beyond the reach of happiness and sorrow, are the true emperors.

2. When you wake up from sleep you forget your dream. Similarly, wake up for a while from the waking state and forget the world around you. Practice this for fifteen minutes every morning. By thus forgetting the world you will be able to discover your True self. This will lead you to your natural state of existence.

3. True knowledge is attained through love and renunciation. A distressed person develops love and renunciation through discrimination, whereas in a happy person, these virtues are developed through selfless service. One who himself is sad, cannot render service to others, but can contemplate. On the other hand, a happy person remains engrossed in happiness and hence cannot contemplate, but he can do benevolent work.

4. One naturally becomes happy on being praised and respected. He alone, who can feel the same happiness on being insulted, deserves to accept alms.

5. Each aspirant has to proceed towards an entirely novel experience. Therefore the guidance of an enlightened Guru is extremely essential. One endowed with a genuine inquisitiveness is bound to find such a Saint. As the inquisitiveness becomes firmer the disciple feels an inner urge to meet the Guru, whereas the Guru Himself comes to a truly deserving aspirant.

6. A truly liberated soul (Jivanmukta) neither broods over the past nor worries about the future but remains even minded in the happiness or sorrow of the present.